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Country blues songstress, Misty Harlowe is a rising star hailing from the hills of Victoria’s high country. Her music paints vivid stories of the Australian landscape, drawing from her roots in Gippsland’s Snowy River region. Charming the audience with her sweet velvety voice, intricate guitar playing, and evocative melodies. If Marty Robbins and Stevie Nicks wrote a song together round a campfire, it would emulate Misty’s sound.

With her exceptional band on board, amplifying the energy, an unforgettable live performance is created. Misty has supported renowned artists such as CW Stoneking, Mick Thomas and The Roving Commission, Freya Josephine Hollick and Shaun Kirk.

She has played at notable festivals, including The Tamworth Country Music Festival, Loch Hart Music Festival, Marysville Music Weekend, The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, Bruthen Blues Festival, Tasmania’s ‘Day at The Creek’ Festival and more. Misty has toured across state borders whilst regularly gracing Melbourne's stages.

Soaring to #4 on AMRAP charts for her debut track 'Run Me Down River,' her music has received extensive play on ABC radio. Returning from a successful debut single tour, with new music in the pipeline, exciting times await this emerging songbird in the near future.

Misty Harlowe is a must-see artist if you are a fan of country and blues-inspired music. An artist who performs with confidence in her ability Misty is a talent that is up and coming and definitely a must see.” - Real Songwriters of Melbourne

"Misty speaks to her audience in a way that makes them feel like they are the only person in the room. She is articulate, surprising and stunning." - Live at the Bundy

Faded Sandpaper
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